The travel activities more and more frequent, also with high demanding on the convenience of buying ticket. Manual ticketing will occur many problems, such as delay on checking ticket.
1. The labor cost increase;  
2. Manual ticketing with low working efficiency;
3. The customers do not satisfied the service and will be produce the conflict;
The self-service ticket machine solve all the problems. Promote efficiency, service and management, also increase benefit.
Self-service ticket machine set up by computer technology, network technology, communication technology, intelligent automation technology in the integration of interactive equipment. Unattended, simple operation, convenient query. Consumers in a friendly man-machine interactive experience, self-service ticketing, collect the tickets, check out easily, improve the efficiency of the bus station ticket, to save time, save operating costs, improve service quality.

  • Multi-function
    ID, QR code, verification code, phone number, the membership card is dealt with order.

  • Easy use
    Easy, simple and fast.

  • Flexible payment
    Wechat, alipay, NFC, bank card and cash all accepted.

  • Insurance
    Industry standard, with prevent riot and guard against theft function

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